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Partner and Head of Property Law at CVML, Rani El Hajjar guest lecture at the University of Birmingham’s Dubai


Published on March 12 , 2024


Rani El Hajjar, Partner and Head of Property Law at CVML, was invited as a guest lecturer at the University of Birmingham's Dubai campus, where he showcased his wealth of expertise in the field of property law. The event, attended by LLM students eager to delve deeper into legal intricacies, proved to be an electrifying session that left a significant impact on all participants.

As Rani El Hajjar took to the stage, his commanding presence and depth of knowledge immediately captured the attention of the audience. With years of experience navigating the complexities of property law in Dubai, he effortlessly guided the students through a comprehensive exploration of the subject matter.

Throughout the session, El Hajjar meticulously dissected Dubai's property laws, shedding light on various aspects including ownership rights, lease agreements, development regulations, and legal procedures involved in property transactions. His engaging delivery style, peppered with real-world examples and case studies, helped demystify intricate legal concepts, making them accessible and comprehensible to the aspiring legal minds in attendance.

Moreover, his insights weren't limited to the theoretical realm; El Hajjar provided valuable practical perspectives garnered from his extensive professional background. Drawing from his experiences in advising clients on a wide array of real estate matters, he offered invaluable insights into the practical applications of property law principles within the dynamic landscape of Dubai's real estate market.

As the session drew to a close, it was evident that El Hajjar's expertise had made a lasting impression on the students. Their understanding of Dubai's property laws had been enriched, and they departed with a newfound appreciation for the complexities and nuances inherent in this field of law.

Overall, Rani El Hajjar's guest lecture at the University of Birmingham's Dubai campus was a resounding success, providing an enriching educational experience for all involved. His passion for the subject matter, coupled with his exceptional command over the intricacies of property law, truly ignited the stage and left a lasting impact on the LLM students fortunate enough to be in attendance.