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OUR Practices

A wide scope of expertise

CVML has consistently been praised and recommended for its expertise in the following areas :

Corporate & Commercial Transactions (Mergers and Acquisitions, Stock Exchange law, Private Equity, Insolvency & Restructuring, Commercial Transactions, Economic & Financial Services) Dispute Resolution (Litigation, Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution, Asset Tracing, White-Collar Crime)

A wide range of clients

The firm’s clients include companies active in all the main sectors of the economy, and ranging from well-established corporations to the promising start-ups that will be the industry leaders of the future

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Our team has developed a recognized know-how in the acquisition and sale of companies, as well as in the implementation of joint venture agreements on behalf of French or international groups.

    Our team assists its clients during all the stages of these operations, from preparatory work and negotiations to the signing of final documentation.

  • Private

    Our team regularly assists French and foreign investment companies in LBO, venture capital and generally private equity transactions relating to listed or unlisted companies

    Our lawyers advise :

    private equity funds
    investment companies
    companies wishing to use this type of financing
    Our team has acquired specific skills in investment funds concerning buying and selling securities, for listed companies or unlisted companies.

    Our teams have also developed special skills in acquisition financing so that they can act on all issues related to private equity transactions.

  • Corporate

    Our team is renowned for its ability to effectively manage complex restructuring and bankruptcy or judicial liquidation.

    • Establishment and incorporation of companies
    • Financing operations (capital increase through the issuance of equity securities or securities with access to capital, reduction of capital)
    • Creation of specific governance
    • Incentive mechanisms for employees and corporate officers (share subscription or purchase options, free allocation of shares).
  • Corporate
    Structuring & Restructuring

    Our team is renowned for its ability to effectively manage complex restructuring and bankruptcy or judicial liquidation.

    Our lawyers act at all levels of the insolvency proceedings and have represented liquidators, court administrators, mediators, companies and corporate lifeguards in banking and financial disputes, safeguard or reorganization proceedings, restructuring and renegotiation of debt, implementation of creditors’ rights, judicial sequestration, judicial administration and scheme of arrangement.

  • Antitrust

    Our team is renowned for its ability to effectively manage complex restructuring and bankruptcy or judicial liquidation.

    The negotiation and implementation of licenses, franchise agreements, purchase or sale agreements, loan and distribution agreements and other types of commercial agreements.

    The creation and monitoring of distribution networks (selective or exclusive distribution and franchise agreements)

    The field of pricing and commercial practices, such as billing, sales at a loss, the development of general conditions, commercial cooperation agreements and the termination of commercial relations.

    Trade agreements and abuse of dominant position.

    Sales promotions and advertising.


    We represent our clients in complex civil cases and commercial disputes before all jurisdictions.

    For our team, litigation is also a way to anticipate the needs of the company. It is for this reason that we consider ourselves as teammates of the company, as an active and creative force committed to its side in pre-litigation and litigation.

    The firm regularly assists its clients in commercial and corporate litigation, such as issues related to payment guarantees solicited from sellers, cancellation of sales or shareholder agreements.

    We work jointly between our offices to assist our clients in international disputes and thus appeal in several jurisdictions.

    Our firm is also renowned for its activity in litigation related to the stock and capital markets.

  • Dispute
    Resolution Management

    We represent our clients in complex civil cases and commercial disputes before all jurisdictions.

    The competence of the firm is particularly recognized in local and international arbitration; whether for institutional or ad hoc proceedings, for appeal to other courts, for provisional measures or for the enforcement of arbitral awards or foreign judgments. We act as referees as well as advisers.

    Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to act in front of the largest arbitration courts in the world, including:

    • International Chamber of Commerce
    • Singapore International Arbitration Center
    • London International Arbitration Court
    • Dubai International Arbitration Center
    • Abu Dhabi Commercial Arbitration and Conciliation Center
    • Hong Kong International Arbitration Center

    We also assist our clients in the drafting and negotiation of arbitration clauses and advise them on the best choice of forum and applicable law to optimize the chances of execution in case of litigation.


    Whether an individual, SME, or the lead counsel of a global entity, when it comes to commercial legal requirements, a client needs clear, practical and professional, timely advice that fits within the client’s commercial strategy and answering its commercial needs.

    We offer a full range of commercial legal solutions, from contract drafting and reviewing to data protection. Our lawyers have an excellent track record of delivering practical, tailor-made solutions to any legal challenge.

    Our aim is to ensure your ultimate goal and the exact commercial outcome are both achieved.


    At CVML, we excel in providing cutting-edge Blockchain and Digital Assets legal advisory services, positioning ourselves at the forefront of legal expertise in the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized technologies. With a team of seasoned attorneys well-versed in blockchain law, smart contracts, and digital assets regulations, CVML ensure clients navigate the complexities of this transformative industry seamlessly. From ICO compliance to regulatory counsel, CVML leverage its deep understanding of emerging technologies to offer strategic guidance, risk management, and innovative solutions. Clients benefit from a holistic approach, blending legal acumen with a keen awareness of the dynamic nature of blockchain and digital assets.